Wohnhilfen für Studenten
Residential communities in the ESG, Friedrichstr. 25
Das ESG Haus The ESG offers 14 places of residence for students of all subjects enrolled in Munich.

The costs amount to between 180,00 € and 390,00 €. Applications are accepted at any time, occupation is every year in January and June.

Willingness to cooperate in the ESG and in the life of a shared flat is a prerequisite for an application.

Application forms are available in the ESG office or per request via email.

Friedrichstraße 25
80801 Munich
Phone (089) 33 99 72 – 30
Contact us for inquiries, please specify as subject “ESG residential community”.

Lutheran student dorms in Munich
Applications for the three following homes must be sent to: Verein Evangelischer Studentenwohnheime e.V., Phone (089) 57 00 47 16, more information on their website

  • Ökumenisches Studentenwohnheim, Steinickeweg 4, 80798 Munich, Phone (089) 52 66 26
  • Georg-Lanzenstiel-Haus, Kieferngartenstraße 12, 80939 Munich, Phone (089) 32 34 426
  • Hochschulhaus Garching, Enzianweg 5, 85748 Garching, Phone (089) 32 38 69 32


  • Collegium Oecumenicum, Sondermeierstraße 86, Phone (089) 32 42 32 60, inquiries and more information on their website
  • Dr. Johannes Hanselmann-Haus, Kaulbachstr. 25, Phone (089) 28 44 04, more information on their website
Dorm Market
Many contacts come together here in the ESG. We are occasionally offered rooms and housing options, so that there is an informal Dorm Market in our house, – mostly for short-term temporary housing. We show the offers in the staircase or you may need to ask in the office. Usually the offers in the Dorm Market are all already taken before the semester starts.

Contact: Martina Rogler

Verse of the day

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Samstag, 21. Mai 2022:

Wer Geld liebt, wird vom Geld niemals satt, und wer Reichtum liebt, wird keinen Nutzen davon haben.
Prediger 5,9

Haben wir Nahrung und Kleidung, so soll uns das genügen. Die aber reich werden wollen, geraten in Versuchung und in die Schlingen vieler törichter und schädlicher Begierden.
1.Timotheus 6,8-9


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