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Pastoral care and psychological counseling at the university are in demand as never before. Many students struggle with the workload, the pressure to perform and often with the demands they put on themselves.
But even in the private environment of the students are always situations in which they just no longer know any advice, or simply put need someone to talk.


Pastoral care: Counseling & accompaniment “Spirituality & Coaching”.

  • Individual talks.
  • Familiarity through pastoral confidentiality.
  • “Spirituality and Coaching” Spiritual accompaniment.
  • Holistic approach from a Christian perspective.
  • Accompaniment in crises.
  • Open to all concerns.
  • Systematic accompaniment for important life decisions or difficult study projects.
  • Project coaching.
  • Religion and religious affiliation do not matter.

Also this winter semester university pastor Martina Rogler is sitting in the CADU, the Café at the University every Tuesday from 15-17 o’clock.

Simply ask for table 19.

We are very happy to be available for discussions, or other types of communication. Be it anonymously by email, by phone (s.b.) or maybe soon via live chat: we listen!

Phone +49 (0)89 339972 – 30

Martina Rogler

Martina Rogler

University pastor, spiritual guide

Phone (0 89) 33 99 72 – 33
Visiting time in the ESG: by appointment
Contact me

Dr. Michael Press

Dr. Michael Press

University chaplain

Phone (0 89) 33 99 72 – 34
Visiting time in the ESG: by appointment
Contact me

Dr. Friedemann Steck

Dr. Friedemann Steck

Campus pastor, student pastor

Phone (0 89) 33 99 72 – 31
Cell phone 0176 347 765 92
Visiting time at the Campus and in the ESG: by appointment
Contact me

For students and employees of LMU

online-Pastoral care

Absolutely anonymous! Advice and assistance in transitional, decision-making and crisis situations, advice in difficult study phases, at work entry. Supportive clarification also in usage of pastoral questions. Transfer to specialized agencies in case of abuse, infringement or violence.

We guarantee secure access using an ISI server via email. All entries in the “Pastoral letter box” are treated absolutely confidentially!

The addressee of pastoral concerns is university pastor Martina Rogler.
Email: studseelsorge@esg.uni-muenchen.de

Nightline Munich - the listener phone

From students for students

We are also pleased that Nightline München continues to listen to the students’ concerns, be they small or large. The Nightline München is a listening phone that can be reached on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 21:00 to 00:30. o’clock. Volunteer students sit by the telephone and help their fellow students when no one else is available.

Phone: (089) 35 71 35 71

Tuesday and Thursday from 21:00 – 00:30 o’clock.

During exams and when writing papers

Crisis management

Dr. Erika Haas, Career and Science Consultant, provides individual coaching for students if they experience anxieties before exams, or if they are having problems in their studies or when creating a scientific work. The costs are to be borne by the students themselves, in individual cases the ESG grants a subsidy.

Mediation through the ESG, Martina Rogler.

In addition to individual coaching, Dr. med. Haas also offers seminars for career and planning.

Detailed information about all her offers are to be found on her homepage.

Contact information:
Dr. Erika Haas, Science Consultant
Phone +49 (0)171 – 83 20 748

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